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The following firearms were stored at 936 Pleasant Hill Road, Bulls Gap, Hawkins County, Tenn. 37711, between 2007 and March 30, 2012. I discovered them missing early Spring 2012 when I went to retrieve them. Any information to help recover them would be greatly appreciated and you would be participating in the apprehension of the thieves.


The guns may have been sold out of an antique shop at 105 South Main Street, Bulls Gap, Tenn., flea markets or auctions in the surrounding areas of Hawkins County, Tenn.  The sentimental value of this collection I had for over 40 years far outweighs the monetary value. Thank you for your assistance.



  1. Winchester model 1886. 10 gauge, lever action shotgun. Ser. #13575

  2. Winchester model 1895. 30-06 lever action, Ser#. 404355.
    (There is also a brass heart embossed  on the check side of the stock. Very unique.)

  3. Winchester model 92. 32-20 lever action. Ser.# 212743

  4. Winchester model 94. 30-30 lever action. Ser.# 1,256,129. 

  5. Springfield 45-70 trapdoor rifle, model 1873 with an 1882 block, 6 notches on the stock. Ser.# 69856. 
    This is the first antique firearm my mother bought me to start my collection. It would be special to get this back.)

  6. British Enfield 303. Sporterized. Crude checking on the stock. Ser.# 593.

  7. Austrian Steyr model 1895 cal. 8+50R . Ser.# 9380. Carbine

  8. 1917 French Rifle “Le Etienne M16”   Ser. # 73347

  9. Remington Rolling Block 7mm. rifle ,Ser.# 224441

  10. Richards Double Barrel shotgun, 10 ga. Ser.# 379

  11. Laclede Double Barrel shotgun, 10 ga.  Ser.# 1166

  12. French custom made one of a kind 1860’s era percussion shotgun. Engraved locks  and butt plate, carved cheek rest and a face carved on the underside of the stock. The name on the rib is in silver and says, “EUG. De Loneux.”  This firearm was given to me by my mother after graduating High School. 1966.

  13. Henry Elwell single barrel shotgun. With rare clean-out hole on top. 19th. Cent. Percussion with ½ round and1/2 octagon barrel, rare.

  14. Spanish Blunderbuss,30” long, brass patchbox, Agustin Arismendi,1861,percussion.

  15. Inter Arms, Bolt Action with scope, cal.22-250. Ser.# 8-212772



  1. Neville 45cal. Percussion Derringer. flat wood grips, rare one of a kind.

  2. Smith and Wesson 5 shot, nickel plated, Ser.# 94180
  3. Marston Pepperbox ,6 shot,New York. Pat.1849.
  4. Iver Johnson,5 shot,, Mass. Ser.# 55583
  5. Harrington & Richardson 1895,  Ser.# 226735
  6. Whitney 1865, 6 shot, percussion navy revolver. Brass trigger guard. Ser.#  14774
  7. J.M .marlin, 5 shot , xxxstandard,1872,brass body, New Haven. Ser.#  5886.
  8. 1914 M. Zulaica & Co. Eibar., 7.65 cal. Semi-auto pistol. Ser.# 35352.
  9. Spanish Double Barrel Pinfire shotgun, 8” barrels. Marking on gun reads Fa De Pedro Guisasola, Eibar. Rare. (GUISASOLA, Pedro. (1850–1880) Fabricó escopetas con sistemas de percusión, Lefaucheux y Rémington marcadas “P. Guisasola - Eibar”.)
  10. Colt 45 cal. Double action revolver. New Service. 1884-1900, Ser.# 6073.
  11. Browning (Belgium) 7.65 cal. Semi-auto pistol. Nazi eagle on thumb side. Ser.# 30190.  An Uncle of mine took this of a German during ww2. I would have liked to pass this on to my son. Very sentimental piece.
  12. Colt 25 cal. Semi-auto pistol Ser.# 150718
  13. Savage over/under top, shotgun bottom. Light cherry stain stock with the serial number scratched out from previous theft.

Images of some of the guns in this collection. If you purchased or traded with Paula Majewski-Lunt or Jack Lunt, for any of the listed firearms in the past several years, you purchased stolen firearms. If you think you are in possession of any of the listed firearms, please contact me at the following email address. I will not seek prosecution against anyone who assists me in recovering my collection. Your cooperation is very greatly appreciated.

Douglas Majewski

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Paula Majewski-Lunt